BonItaly Academy was founded with the idea to teach the true Italian culinary art
(from the classic to modern) and his most innermost secrets through our qualified chef that will lead you to discover the roots and flavours of Italian tradition.

Kitchen School

Thanks to the partnership with starred chef , born Kitchen School, an initiative strongly supported by BonItaly.
Kitchen School gives everybody the possibility to attend this courses aimed to improve and deepen the knowledge and techniques in the Kitchen.
Inside each of us there could be a great chef, Kitchen school will help it merge.

Show Cooking

Show Cooking is a reserved space into the Volare Restaurant , directly managed from our renowned chef that will have the possibility to launch new specialities for our customers interacting directly with them.

Meet our Farmers

On regular basis, product presentation will be organized. Through the presence of our farmers and producers we want to bring our customers into the hearts of our quality goods with the history the lies behind them.

Certificate of Merit

The certificate of merit is proof of your achievement of a high level of quality as a chef.
This certifies your place on our culinary course. From now on you are able to create delicious dishes full of unmistakable italian flavour.

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