BonItaly provide an excellent cetering service offering delicious food and a first class assistance for every occasion: from private to corporate, from birthdays to the weeding and lots more…

Our mission is to offer a personalized catering service, convenient and creative, providing healthy and tasty meals using the best seasonal ingredients giving the chance to benefit of our performances during the whole day.

First and foremost BonItaly is an idea, born by a group of Italian experts from the agricultural and food industry.

In memory of the project creator Sir Giuseppe Virgara’s dream of creating a company capable of exporting authentic, made in Italy cuisine, to anywhere in the world, his son Ross decided to keep the dream alive and strive to reach his fathers’ goal.

It all began to come alive at a meeting held at Assisi, between Ross and Enrico Cherchi, the then director of the consortium of producers of high quality food, who recently inaugurated the first Italian Farmer Shop in Assisi and now occupies the position of food consultant to develop the food factory project and the research and selection of Italian products.

The relationship between the two men begin to intensify bringing to life their first collaboration that aimed to find the most exclusive Italian product that led to the establishment of a company with the intention of exporting only the best Italian food.

The two men want to offer unique products of the Italian culinary art, bringing back the flavours of bygone times that live in fond memories of quality and taste. These memories that every Italian have are never lost, but have been weakened by time by the products that are in the market today. These memories are our guide that help is in our goal of delivering high quality food to the world because the pleasure of the high quality food never disappears but rather it’s strengthen itself into people’s habits.

BonItaly in fact is able to provide from simple breakfast to most sophisticated dinner, adapting itself to the request of their customers and designing the most suitable service.
We have at our disposal a team of excellent chef built up into the hospitality business that make fresh food every single day.
All the staff is formed in-house via specific training that guarantee high professionalism in order to make your experience unique and unforgettable.

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