BonItaly Food Factory,
a Big family that come from far…

In our mind we picture Italy as cultivated field, a piece of cultivated art.

The “Belpaese” it is always remembered for its sun and good food and this is the picture that always follows us. And this is the picture that we will spread across entire planet. We were born in Italy and today we are bringing the best Italian products to the UK.

BonItaly is a reality and today comes to life in a specific sector: The BonItaly Food Factory

We are a BISTRO: but a bistro of excellence.

We are a GROCERY STORE: stocked with only the finest Italian products.

We are KITCHENWARE STORAGE: where you will only find high quality professional kitchen tools with unique Italian design.

We are a FOOD BOX: the Food Factory is idea, the first is the Food Box that offers completed kits for the realisation of exclusive Italian recipes created by our Michelin star Italian Chef Stefano Marconi.

We are a STORAGE CENTRE: the food factory is a fine Italian product warehouse, that supplies all Bonitaly Group Restaurants.

Although our main focus is on fine Italian food products, The BonItaly food factory also offers a range of services connected to nutrition: recipes, catering and cooking courses with our Michelin star chef… basically we offer an informed and deeper way to enter into Italian culinary. When you have spent time with BonItaly Food Factory, and understand our passion, you will be able, with immense satisfaction and pleasure to truly cook as an Italian would.

Finally with BonItaly Food Factory will enable the public to feel the beauty and exquisite experience of eating healthily, through Italian traditions.

BonItaly Food Factory, more than a simple bistrot

Tradition respected and reinterpreted in a modernised version, efficient and satisfying service, a Deli composed of products and delights meticulously selected: this is Food Factory.

We offer our clients the highest standards of quality of our products, great passion and creativity that will make your journey to discover the Italian cuisine both pleasurable and satisfying experience.


Food Factory Grocery Store, the best of the Italian products selected for you

We will take your hands and introduce you to the Italian culinary art which will drive you to discover the tastiest and most genuine dainties. The Italian cooking has no limits, neither do we.









Food Box, the magic box for a magic diner

It is designed to satisfy you desire to live a great food experience without stepping out the house.

Kitchenware Store, i piccoli accessori made in Italy per la cucina

BonItaly specialized itself in some sectors like Home accessory and idea.
We have introduced some Niche items, driven by the desire of renovation and inspired by the desire to export the Made in Italy in this aspect too.

The category “ Professional Tool” introduce some specific tools, paying attention to propose only professional tools, but still maintaining an affordable price , as per our sales philosophy.

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